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The need to perform delicate surgical procedures safely in tight spaces where the surgeon cannot see directly has created a growing need for devices that act as extensions of the surgeon’s eyes and hands.

For robotic assisted minimally invasive surgery, dexterity is enhanced by microprocessor controlled mechanical wrists, which allow motion scaling for reducing gross hand movements and the performance of micro-scale tasks that are otherwise not possible. Robotic surgery is positioned to become the standard of care in the next 10 years.  The commercial success of the first generation clinical robotic systems has inspired an ever-increasing number of platforms from both commercial and research organizations, resulting in smarter devices that drive the future of precision surgery. 

Precision Robotics - Company

Precision Robotics is a new startup company from Imperial College London. It aims to develop precise, agile and intelligent surgical robots that are dexterous, compact and versatile. Based on technologies developed by research team at Imperial College London, the company expects to establish itself as a significant player in this burgeoning field. Located at the Translation and Innovation Hub (I-Hub) of Imperial West, the company has unique facilities in engineering development and clinical translation. The I-HUB is home to the Imperial White City Incubator, which offers flexible workspace and support for young businesses.  It’s also the location of Central Working White City – a shared workspace collaboration between Central Working and Imperial College London ThinkSpace, and therefore enjoys a vibrant environment for technological start-ups.

UK Office

126o,128o I-HUB

Imperial College White City

84 Wood Lane

London W12 0BZ, UK

ISO13485 certified by BSI (August 2019)

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